About NANJIAN Games Manufacturing

Nanjian Games, the experienced board game and card game manufacturer in Singapore, provides high quality products and best services for our customers. The best one-stop solution expert of board games.

NANJIAN Games is a board game manufacturing company founded in 2013. The main office is located in Singapore and factories in China. Our business starts from card printing, then expends to wood/plastic manufacturing, packaging and shipping. With the experience of bringing hundreds of games into reality, we can provide one-stop solution for board game manufacturing.

About Nanjian Games Work Flow Process

Our Vision

We provide reliable, high quality products and solutions complying with all major certifications and standards. Our manufacturing and supply team are capable of meeting our customers’ most sophisticated challenging application needs. Our products set the benchmark in quality and reliability in every detail. We invest constantly and significantly to maintain leadership.

Board Game Manufacturer Machine, Paper Cutting
Board Game Manufacturer Machine, Sample Printing

Our Mission

We offer global competent consulting and support. Our unmatched technological knowledge, supported by more than 40+ employees, ensures best-in-class consulting, support and service. The quality of our consulting is supported by the market’s broadest portfolio for board games. Our experience and knowledge allows us to solve the most challenging board game manufacturing and design.

Our Skills

Starting from manufacturing, our team now has the competence in board game design, illustration, shipping, custom clearance, Kickstarter fulfillment, special object customization. NANJIAN Games would be your one-stop solution provider. Our fast-pace manufacturing has been consistently satisfying customers since 2013. Today, we are the major player in the market and continue to be the driver for efficiency driven solution provider with 7/24 support.

Board Game Manufacturer Machine, Packaging

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