Board Game Components

NANJIAN Games specialist in manufacturing card and board game components, including boxes, cards, boards, punch boards, wooden meeples, miniatures, mold injection plastic components, and dices. Each and every component can be further customized. All the materials used comply with CE standards along this a pro in miniatures for board games. The information below briefly introduced each different component.

Custom Board Game Miniatures

Custom game components are relatively high in demand along with the board game components. When you are looking for board game components suppliers, Nanjian Games is a perfect choice. We are the leading supplier of plastic miniatures for board games and custom board game pieces that you can trust without worrying about their quality. The resolution of the plastic miniature may go as small as 0.3 mm. The company is certified under ISO9001:2015 quality management system. With abundant options, you may never find it tough to look for the right board game components like wooden components for board games, plastic components for board games with us. If you are unsure which game components are the best for you, just talk to our experienced consultants directly. Then it would be best if you tried exploring our custom board game pieces before making any order. We are here to let you make your own gaming trends. That’s why we always keep your interest on top while offering game components.

Board Game Components Suppliers

If you need the wooden board game boxes, you will certainly find the ideal product. We offer a one-piece box (more for card games), a two-piece box (commonly used for board games, also referred to as a telescopic box), and many other customized boxes. We take pride in serving you exceptional products with excellent quality options. Your gaming ideas encourage us to manufacture unique components for different types of board games. We have a wide list of game components that you can inquiry about according to your needs and desires. Our customers always appreciate our quality when they manufacture wooden game components from us at affordable prices. No matter what your choice is, just sit relaxed and inquiry for the right game components according to your needs.

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Wooden Components

The meeples are created using selected birch wood with Eco-friendly paints. Size and shape can be customized upon request. All Pantone colors are available for choosing.


Plastic Components

We provide both standard plastic components and customized miniatures. Standard components include but not limited to cubes, discs, sticks, hourglass, cardholders. For customized miniatures, we use an injection mold to achieve 0.3 mm resolution.

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Paper Components

We provide boards and cards of different customized sizes. Surface treatments such as lamination, varnishing and UV curing are also available. We apply die cutting process for sharp and clean edges. The paper used can be copper paper with or without a core.

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