• Focusing on Board Game

    Board and Card game manufacturing has always been our business focus. With support of wood and plastic components manufacturing, packaging and shipping, we can provide one-spot solution for board game manufacturing. Every year, we bring hundreds of games into reality.

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  • Manufacturer in Asia

    Our production engineers, who have experience of over 100 projects, will assist you to find the just perfect matching for your game. Professional sampling and printing services.

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  • Product of Quality

    The mass production lines include paper-based components such as cards, boards, punch boards, boxes, standard or customized wooden components, plastic dice and miniatures. Delivery service is conducted by the partnership DHL and UPS.

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Creating a game is not less than creating a new vision altogether. Nanjian Games is one of the reputed game manufacturing companies that offer exceptional products to keep you entertained over the years. We are providing professional board games design consultation from the manufacturing point of view, followed by semi-automated game production for your games. We provide board game OEM services for both established publishers and fresh indie game studios. The products we manufactured are non-toxic and provide a safe gaming experience for your players. The whole factory is certified by ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. We keep in mind that all the components matter to the gaming needs. We are manufacturing board games strictly under the requirement of customers within the agreed time frame. Effective communication is essential throughout the process of solid project management. The customized games meet the latest trend and needs of end players. Not only this we are very much focused on the process of the game building so that you will get the best gaming experience from the excellent manufacturers of board games.

Manufacturing Board Games Process

Manufacturing Services

As the ace of the game manufacturing companies. Work together with our specialist to convert the design into products.

Production Consulting

Our production engineers, who have experience in over 100 projects, will assist you to find the just perfect material for your game.

Global Delivery

Partnering with UPS, our logistic team helps to deliver the products to every corner of the world. Fulfillment and bulk shipping are both covered.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certified

150+ games created annually…

With ROLAND 700 HiPrint machine, Heidelberg SM740 machine, we are able to produce up to 150,000 sets daily. All our products are under ISO:9001 quality management system (QMS). The lead-free paint and oil would satisfy the quality requirement in Europe, America and Asia countries.

The Leader of Board and Card Game Manufacturer

Starting from board game manufacturing, our team now has the competence in sampling, manufacturing, shipping, fulfillment, custom clearance, special object customization. NANJIAN Games would be your one-stop solution provider.

Manufacturing Consultation
Board Game Design
Game Production
Board Game Packaging
International Shipping

We promise that nothing could beat us when it comes to the quality and durability of board games. Strict quality control is implemented for each individual component. Only the ones who exceed the quality standards will be delivered to our customers. We manufacture different types and sizes of board games to meet customers’ design requirements. We are one of the top manufacturers of board games that provides a cost-effective solution with high-quality products. We follow professionalism through every step of construction or manufacturing. We always use the best materials, in terms of paper/wood/plastic, to manufacture board games of your choice. We do our best to keep you updated about the latest progress of the project. Please feel free to visit our website thoroughly and meet our team for manufacturing board games at affordable prices.

What others say about us

Had them print the prototype for my game and was very happy with the overall quality. Materials were of high quality and they were prompt with addressing QC concerns.

You (NANJIAN Games) certainly have been the best company that responded to me so thank you! I’ll be in touch when I have the detail sealed. Thank you for the production credit offer too.

I have collected quotes from different manufacturers and am still waiting to hear back from 4 or 5 more companies, before we can commit. But currently you guys look to be the most promising in terms of communication, production, fulfillment.

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