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NANJIAN board game manufacturing, the largest board game factory in Singapore.





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What We Do

Convert your creativity ideas into products
Produce and assemble various complex components
Customized packaging and logistics solutions
Door-to-door delivery by sea, land, and air
Flexible minimum order quantity

Advance Production Line

We have state-of-the-art production facilities equipped with advanced machinery designed to maximize efficiency and automation. Each aspect of our manufacturing process, from design validation to assembly and quality control, is carefully optimized for smooth operation.

Our proficiency in manufacturing board games isn’t just about making products; it’s a dedication to achieving excellence. Recognizing the complexity of tabletop gaming, we constantly improve our methods to meet the rigorous standards of leading brands. Count on us to realize your vision with accuracy and top-notch quality.

Tailored Board Game Project Solutions

Review Printing Files and Optimization

Standardizing printed files not only saves production steps and time but also maximizes print quality, ensuring the final product aligns closely with the creator's imagination.

Component Material Selection Guidance

Many creators struggle to decide on the materials for their gaming components, but this is where we excel. We will tailored solutions based on your specific needs.

Customized Packaging

Expert packaging ensures thorough protection for game boxes and customized packaging making your game stand out and delighting players with unexpected surprises.

Expedited Logistics

Providing multiple sea and air shipping routes for efficient and hassle-free delivery for most region around the world.

Exclusive Services for the Singapore Creators

Our local office in Singapore offers face-to-face support, allowing us to fully understand the intricacies of your game.


Who Fits Us Well

Established Brand Publishers

We are long-term partners of numerous renowned games and brands, built on a foundation of quality and integrity, ensuring the smooth completion of every game.

Creators in Singapore

We help local government sector, MNC and MSE to design and manufacture customized board games. Communicate face-to-face and get tailored service from quotation to payment.

Quality-driven Creative Teams

Numbers of creative teams look for high quality printing but may not know how to enhance the apperance of their games. We are precisely the solution you are seeking for.

"Lazy" Creators

For whom only fouces on gameplay and art design and pay less attention to production, packing and delivery. Our one-stop services makes everything smooth for even first-time creators to fulfill a new game.



Aden Ng - Game Designer

Had them print the prototype for my game and was very happy with the overall quality. Materials were of high quality and they were prompt with addressing QC concerns.

Alan Chew - Game Designer

I have collected quotes from different manufacturers before we can commit. But currently you guys look to be the most promising in terms of communication, production, fulfillment.

Anonymous Reviewer from Google

Very good and patient service, owner provided nice pre sales support and provide their advice based on our project. thank you!

HC - Project Owner from Govonment Sector

Appreciate the partnership on this. The games are of perfect condition. We are excited to launch the product!

Quick Contact

Any questions for us or about board game production? Just leave your message and we will respond ASAP.