• Manufacturing Process Workflow

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Item List

Generate an item list that contains all the components in the game, such as cards, boards, box, etc. You many find a reference template here. The dimension and quantity are needed.


We will provide a quotation based on the item list. The quantity to be produced is needed. Our minimum quantity is 500 copies for card games, 1000 copies for board games.

Design File Proof Checking

We will proof check the design file to make sure the file is suitable for manufacturing. We prefer Adobe native file (.psd, .ai, .pdf…) with CMYK color system. Do not forget the bleed and margin. You may find some useful useful template here.


We will start the manufacturing process once confirm all the details. The production lead time depends on the complexity and quantity of the project.


We provide two shipping solutions: bulk shipping and crowdfunding shipping.
Bulk Shipping: All the products will be shipped to one single address by air or by sea.
Crowdfunding Shipping: Also called factory-to-doorstep shipping. Each individual game will be packed and shipped to crowdfunding backers’ addresses directly.

Game Components 

These are some game components that we produce.

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Wooden Components

The meeples are created using selected birch wood with Eco-friendly paints. Size and shape can be customized upon request. All Pantone colors are available for choosing.


Plastic Components

We provide both standard plastic components and customized miniatures. Standard components include but not limited to cubes, discs, sticks, hourglass, cardholders. For customized miniatures, we use an injection mold to achieve 0.3 mm resolution.

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Paper Components

We provide boards and cards of different customized sizes. Surface treatments such as lamination, varnishing and UV curing are also available. We apply die cutting process for sharp and clean edges. The paper used can be copper paper with or without a core.

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