NANJIAN Games offers pre-production consultation, sampling, mass production, and international delivery. Each service is carried out by an individual team. The information below shows how the workflow functions.

We are counted among the best plastic dice manufacturers and the wood game pieces suppliers, who understand your needs first and then serve you with the sampling process. We will lead to the production process once you approve our sample games. We take your orders in bulk and complete the production process within the time frame. As being one of the recognized and trustable wood game pieces suppliers, your needs are important to us and we believe that we are capable of understanding what you want. We take orders from all the major cities and deliver your products within the expected time to meet your gaming commitments. A logistic team will handle all the shipping and fulfillment needs. We also provide factory-to-doormat fulfillment services to Kick starter creators.

Plastic Game Pieces Manufacturing Process

Board Game Manufacturer, Meeples


NANJIAN Games’ sales representatives will communicate to fix the scope of the project. Then identify the best material, dimensions, package method for the board, and card games. We also provide advisories from the manufacturing perspective, which will smooth the design process. Being the best plastic game pieces manufacturers we are qualified to understand the nits and grits of our industry.


Prototyping up to 6 copies of samples for dimension checking, color proofing, customer reviewing. It is not necessary for every game, like a card game. But recommended for complex board games with multiple components.

Board Game Manufacturer Machine, Printing Machine

Board Game Manufacturer Machine, Assembly-Line


Once our representative confirms with you for Board Game Design requirements, we may start mass production. Our daily production capacity is 150,000 sets. The leading time will be communicated with the customer before game production. The Specifications of Board Games will be manufactured and packaged before shipping. We are the leading name when it comes to plastic dice manufacturers and board game manufacturers.


Partnering with DHL and UPS, we provide both bulk shipping and global fulfillment. We can do FOB from Shenzhen, or bulk shipping to the designated fulfillment center upon request. If you are doing a KS campaign, we also can directly fulfill the product to customer doormat.

Board Game Manufacturer Machine, Fulfillment

Board Game Manufacturer Machine, Fulfillment

Board games are trendy and the craze for them keeps on increasing, with around 4000 new games launched every year. Games bring emotions, most of the time happiness, to people. A physical copy of a game is the carrier of those emotions. If you are looking for a reputed manufacturer, who can provide you with the best game production in the industry, then you have hit the right place. Nanjian Games is a worthy game manufacturer that helps you with creating the best games with your desired needs. We are plastic game pieces manufacturers that understand your needs while producing one for you. You are well welcomed to discuss your design and seek consultation from our experienced and reliable team. We are renowned as wood game pieces manufacturers in the marketplace, and quality is what makes us prominent other than the high level of production.

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